Skincell Eye contour serum with stem

Skincell Eye contour serum with stem

  As we age and due to external factors that skin exposes to such as sunshine, pollution and other factors, we notice some signs as eye wrinkles, fine lines, skin slackening, loss of density around the eyes area.

           Skincell provides unique eye contour serum with:

  Fabulous smooth anti-wrinkle action.

 Defining the area around the eye.

  Showing visible results, from the first application.

  Active Ingredients:

▪︎  Stem cells: increases the production of new skin cells, Collagen and elastin.

▪︎  Prolineprimarily functions as an anti-aging ingredient because of its ability to improve skin elasticity, increase collagen production, and promote skin repair and regeneration.

▪︎   Hyaluronic acid: acts at the root of lines and wrinkles in the upper layers of the skin diminishing the look of deep-set wrinkles and smooth fine lines caused by dryness that often affects the eye contour.

  How to use:

▪︎  Apply once a day on the eye contour, massage lightly until completely absorbed.

  Volume : 15 ml

  Made in Italy.

  SFDA Listed.

VAT applies

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